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From the Mad Mind

                             of Anthony Watkins

…and now for something a little different!

Every month, since issue Zero of this incarnation of Better Than Starbucks back in May of 2016, I have used this space to ramble on about whatever was on my mind, as often as not, something not even slightly literary.

I am sure in coming months I will do so again, but this month, we have added a couple of features and I am giving way to make room.

We have a very talented guest editor, Michael Burch, of TheHyperTexts. He is a widely published poet, formalist, and translator of poetry.

And we also have a new occasional feature:  a book review by our Haiku editor. The book is Yun Wang’s most recent collection of poetry, The Book of Totality.

Just one of my poems for you this month, dear reader:

Pen America

Because there are no cats


I have a dog

because I cannot be far away,

I am here

so, goes the logic


and I stood at the window

and watched it depart

down a long, dusty road

leaving me in this old farm

house of insanity

where the rainless clouds

roll by carrying flocks

of black birds

and the west

makes ready its bed

for the tired dry sun


but logic took my pillow

how will I sleep

in the empty dark?

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