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Such a beautiful baby

Oh, that's so sweet

I'd love one though we can't smoke them in here

Is that a defect

Look at all those balloons

I hear there was a lot of blood

My father has those eyes

I hope insurance covers it

Here's to a happy life

Matt Corey is a long-time ModPo CTA who divides his time between Chicago and Atlanta.


A map of the sea

He’s gathering virgin crossword puzzles against 

The storm coming home

Cassandra peers inside sees a gold flamingo flying by 

The shore air warm as the dreaded harbinger

The game still within his grasp it can’t reach out forever

It can barely circumnavigate its own scope 

Cassandra shows him some words she’s described

Spreading red across the horizon 

Submerged and held 

Brutal in an iron grid he’d made.

Ken Hay

Cityscape in Winter


Drunks sleep in doorways,

pigeon poop drips from above,

hookers in six inch heels

slouch through gray slush,

sirens wail in b-flat under my window.

Winter winds whistle between granite towers.

Elevator doors clank shut,

rattle slowly upwards

to stop between floors.

Trick or treat only as far

as neighbors across the hall.

Ladies in layers

of grit and grime

push shopping carts full of clothes,

bound for nowhere

but pledged

to abandon nothing.

Margaret Fieland

Life Cycle of a Rose

nipped in
now flowering

open wide

any bee will do

drunken little tippler
pistils pollen stamens
full bloom
petals fall
pudendum, oh the stigma the shame
softening fading balding
everything going south
closing in
drooping shrinking
middle aged spread
rose hips rosy swell –
see tea's made.

Sometimes age is good for you.

Christine Coates is a poet from Cape Town South Africa.



darkness all I see
can't get off the couch today
running the t.v.
out of the way
no nourishment of the mind
life is so unkind
bereft, thoughts are lost to me
sleep is my best friend
the end of it all
I call for the wilderness
languish in the pain
no gain, no framework
no work, no will, no reason
sadness the season
motivation gone
apathy reality
please God will you be
there for me to see
light in the dark recesses
I don't care for self
health I just let fade
fading fast, pain is lasting
must get up and go
can't get off the couch all days
darkness all I know

Cristofer C. Lentsch




Poets say

What they say

In a different way

So we

May feel

And think

More broadly

Or less widely


Chuck Kellum

Memories. ...

Alas ! The forgotten memories, 
Please do not trouble me this much !
Let me survive peacefully 
Don't come close again

I have some broken stars in my hopes
Just some broken stars...
I don't know how long,
I would be able to live with them
I am a true lover 
Please don't make me feel distressed !

Alas ! Those forgotten memories, 
Please don't rob me like this
After lifting unto the visions
Just unto the visions...
Please don't call me back ,
After showing a new path !
After so hard I have stable 
Don't ruin me again...

Oh! Those forgotten memories,
Please don't haunt me again.....


To End

            to end

             to end

  What to end

What to




                     to End what

                          End what

                          End to what

                                                To what end

                                                to What end


- Malaika

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