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Railroad Wall Clock #1 clock

- from Silent Poems by Anthony Watkins

Empty Suit Press publishes, reviews and otherwise promotes the most extreme experimental poetry we can find.

WE have no internal or external funding and are not really motivated by money, though we will not refuse it!

* There is no easy way to put this: experimental poetry is not mainstream or traditional. If it does not surprise, anger, confuse, or otherwise not meet your expectations, it is not doing its job.


If you enjoy well crafted pleasant and charming reads, please consider any of the dozen chapbooks or the two hard cover collections. Chapbooks are available through Better than Starbucks, the monthly poetry magazine I publish. The beautiful hardcover books are available through here and here. Most who have read my other works enjoyed them. I do not expect the same level of acceptance here.


This disclaimer is because I really hate to think anyone might spend $8.00 to get a copy and then feel ripped off. I assure that is not my intention.

Silent Poems

or a Book of Titles

is now available as a chapbook*

Games Poets Play

Excerpt from Foreword by Cristofer C. Lentsch


          Games Poets Play is a collection of poems written by student poets in response to the Ongoing Poetry Game started in September 2016 by James Ritter, a mentor for Modpo ( Modern And Contemporary American Poetry, a MOOC from University of Pennsylvania offered on the Coursera platform). A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course. Each week 10 words are offered to use in an original poem. The winner with the most votes each week provides the 10 words for the following week, and so it continues.

This collection of over 50 poems by 10 poets from this year's ModPo class takes the playfulness of games, and uses it to create a series of interesting and challenging poems.

Sometimes California or the March Set

is now Available from Anthony Watkins and a guest poet

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