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Empty Suit Press is the brainchild of me, Anthony Watkins. I have been a poet since age 5, yes, that means for over 50 years I have been writing poetry. As publisher of Better than Starbucks - not your ordinary poetry magazine, I recently added a new page devoted to experimental poetry. While contemplating creating this new page, I was "inspired" to create a new form. That form led to my newest collection Silent Poems. I am not sure Silent Poems is a great advance in poetry, or even a decent speed bump on the road of poetic thought. I am sure it is unlike anything I have ever written. I am also sure it demands more participation than any poetry I have ever read.


This is not meant to be a site to promote only my work, so if you or anyone you know, is writing experimental poetry, I would be interested in reviewing and considering for publication, review or other promoting such work.

In fact, We are about to release Games Poets Play. Poetry Games are pretty popular in poetry classes and online poetry groups and have been for sometime, but this collection is the first I have seen collected into a volume. I hope you find the level of poetry in this collection a worthy read. I did.


You may contact us at

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