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We started publishing our online journal over three years ago. We were a monthly publication until July 2018, are now bi-monthly, and since January of 2018, we have also produced a print edition. as well as digital e-book versions.

As a dynamic young publication, we always have opportunities as we expand, as people join and leave our staff. If you think you might want to be part of our exciting team of editors, please contact us at:
Include the position you are most interested in on your subject line and tell us a little about yourself.

We are an all-volunteer staff; no one draws a check. We are truly a labor of love and if you have the same kind of drive and vision, can devote a few hours per month, and are willing to meet deadlines, Better Than Starbucks can be an enriching part of your life.
All editors answer directly to the editor-in-chief.

Currently we need:

One or two Copy Editors
Copy Editing is both the hardest and easiest place to start. If you have experience, or if you simply want to sharpen your grammatical/editorial eye, Better Than Starbucks Copy Editors have the joy of watching a publication go out into the world neat and clean and as free of typos as is possible. And you get to say, “I made that!”

One or two Interviewers
Two to three times per year, you will need to bring us an interview of an interesting, or well known, or important member of the literary community (they can be all three, but we have also published interviews that were more of an introduction for most of our readers.) We will expect you to find your subject and develop the interview. We do sometimes help facilitate if you are having a tough time reaching your subject. The BTS Interview aims to ask questions that are not the same ones every other literary interview asks.

Also Needed:


Section Editors
The section editor acts as a sort of “independent franchise”. You will need to have a strong connection to the community you edit, bringing your own poets and creating your own style and flavor for the section. We currently get many submissions for Formal/Rhyming, Free Verse, Haiku, and Fiction, but the other sections receive few, by comparison. We will forward you the poetry from your area, when we receive it, but we will expect you to be able to find and showcase the poets of your area or genre. Fiction, Flash and Micro Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Experimental , Prose and Form Poetry are all open for an editor.

One or more International Editors
We are looking for voices from Africa, Central Asia or the Far East, as well as from South/Central America, continental Europe and Russia. If you have editorial experience in an area/genre not listed here, contact us to discuss the possibility of adding a page for your content. 

Robert Schechter did just that and will now be editing our new Poetry for Children section.


A Poetry Translations Editor
If you are a polyglot, or work with poets from many languages who write and translate, or who translate, this could be for you. We usually publish both the original and the translation into English.

Update: Susan McLean is the new editor of Poetry Translations.

An Experimental Poetry Editor
Experimental poetry is near and dear to the publisher’s heart, but we have not found a way to draw in enough submissions in this category to “keep the doors open”. If you are a student, a teacher, or a grad student/teaching assistant and have close ties to people who are experimenters, we would be a wonderful place for you to give them a platform. Share them with our readers and let them gain exposure in a more mainstream publication.

- Anthony Watkins

Note: We currently have two copy editors who are doing a great job. If you're volunteering as an intern, we have lots of other tasks that would help us! Personally, I wish we had a techie (or even a wizard) to help out, and an Art Director would be wonderful also.

Lastly, if you have experience in public relations, social media, etc. we'd love to have a media manager, spreading the word, networking, and building a profile for the journal. -Vera Ignatowitsch

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