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Chintan Khatri Love Poems

That’s All I Have To Say


Whether I exist or not,

You keep living within me,

Keep visiting me in dreams.

That’s all I want to tell you.


If the sun-rays irritate you,

Know that it’s me.

If the raindrops bother you,

Know that I am the droplets.


Whether I speak or not,

Please keep listening to me.

Stay next to me!

That’s all I want to tell you.


Whether you see me or not,

Just feel my presence . . .

That’s all I have to say.


My Light


My restlessness finds peace,

When I catch a glimpse of your face.

My craziness finds peace,

When I hear your voice.


If I hear a mention of your name,

Tears of love start flowing from my eyes.

My loneliness finds a guiding light,

When I catch a glimpse of your face.


When I hear your name,

Every moment starts telling your story.

Every thirst of mine gets quenched,

When I catch a glimpse of your face.


I pray only this day and night.

I want to live and die only for you.

I want to look at you all day long.

I want to sacrifice my world for you.


When I hear your name,

A tingling feeling starts lingering on my lips.

Every road of mine finds its destination,

When I catch a glimpse of your face.

Chintan Khatri was born in Mumbai, India, and now lives in Tempe, Arizona. He is a Software Engineer by profession and has been inspired by love to write poetry. He dedicates these poems to the only love of his life, a writer to whom he owes everything.


Forever Yours


I will still be loving you . . .

Maybe something happens, and you don’t remain you;

Maybe something happens, and I don’t remain me,

Maybe our paths diverge,

and we get lost while walking.

I’ll still love you.


You taught me to laugh, you taught me to love.

My days and nights are beautiful,

All this is because of you only.

If you ever remember me,

I will come to you in the form of wind.

I’ll still love you.


Whether you are in love with me tomorrow or not,

Whether I have your permission tomorrow or not,

With all the pieces of my broken heart within me;

I’ll be loyal to you.

I’ll still love you.

I’m Here


Chiqui, look, there’s no more distance between us!

I’m here, I’m here, I’m here…

No matter whatever troubles, problems you face;

I’m here, I’m here, I’m here…


You are the secret I don’t want to hide.

I don’t want to live my life in regret.

I don’t want us to just be a story.

In solitude, I smile thinking of you.


I hear the echo in my heart, it sings in your voice;

You are my voice!

If you can, please listen to your heartbeat.

What does it say?



Burning inside my heart is a spark of desire,

Just for you.


Why do we have to live apart from each other?

Our souls are one, and the world sees us as strangers?

The world is cruel; its people are cruel.


Burning inside my heart is a spark of desire,

Just for you.


We paused after a few steps and our caravan of dreams vanished?

This story of our hearts ends so suddenly?

And then you went somewhere, and I somewhere else?


Somewhere, there’s Us


Somewhere there is a place;

A world where we’ll be together

Where it’s only me and you, only us.


A place where you kiss my lips and we talk about us;

Where the land and sky and everything is only yours.


I don’t know if there is any place where,

My life isn’t upset.


My breath is lost in a stranger’s sighs,

Lost in that stranger’s arms…

I am searching for the paths, when you were my destination!

And now I’ve lost my destination…


Wherever you are, there lies my smile, my happiness, my life.

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