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I’ve seen mists wash over mountain pass
Plunging headlong where no man can follow
Ice caps tiptoe across cliffs at malicious angles
Fear death on broken rocks.

Where were you when I needed you
Massive and interminable
A jagged permanence of snowy peaks
Carving the sky with grim purpose
Morose without the singing birds
Forgotten of the spring.


The lichen doesn’t miss that holy spring of life
Perched rocks can transcend days of loneliness
An icicle stands watch against the cold
Timeless, indifferent.


No vigil shall I keep in the frozen waste
No callous monolith am I
But to adore thee with all my past.

Eric D. Laird, Ph.D.  studied nano material engineering at Drexel University, Philadelphia.  Currently work as a specialist with Breencolor Concentrate Inc.,  Lambertsville, New Jersey

...and now....

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Better than Starbucks -- the Interview

Stephen Scott Whitaker (@SScottWhitaker) is a member of National Book Critics Circle, and the managing editor for The Broadkill Review.  His poems have appeared in Oxford Poetry, Grub Street, and Anderbo, among other journals. His first full length book of poems, All My Rowdy Friends, was a finalist for the 13th annual USA Book awards. His previous chapbooks include The Black Narrows, the Barleyhouse Letters, and the Dogfish Head Poetry Winner, and National Press Award winning Field Recordings. 

poetry magazine, Stephen Scott Whitaker

BTS: Where did Broadkill come from?  


SSW: The Broadkill Review was a natural extension for the literary scene that flourished, and still flourishes, on the upper Delmarva peninsula. In the beginning of the 21st century, say 2001 or so, Jamie Brown, the founder of the Broadkill Review, together with HA Maxson and Claudia Young began to publish chapbooks with Dogfish Head Brewery. All of that energy culminated with the John Milton Poetry Festival which took place in Milton, DE in December, on Milton's birthday.


The name? The Broadkill is a river in the upper peninsula, and flows through Milton.


The idea? Jamie Brown, the head honcho of the review, always wanted to publish his own journal. He put together one of the first pdf magazines in the business. The idea, to electronically distribute a printable magazine was cutting edge at the time. It still is, in many ways, the most efficient way to distribute the magazine. One can upload the pdf to a kindle, or nook, or read it through an ipad, or print it out. Of course, you can read it on a computer screen.

The team? Currently HA Maxson edits and curates the fiction, Linda Blaskey edits and curates the poetry, Jamie directs our course, and I am acting as the facilitator, creating and managing our new website, which will host the journal. 

Art Noble, poet

Art Noble 1938-2017 Poet

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