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Sentimental Poetry edited by Anthony Watkins

Cakes and babies

It is my misfortune to have family in Norway

who loves cakes and a massive amount of meat,

and they are all corpulent, that is, in Scandinavia

you have to be grossly fat before anyone notices.

They also fill my pages with babies, their own or

someone else’s and the toots are chubby and in

time get diabetes if not some heart ailments.

I don`t really care got my own struggle to keep slim,

and since we are from farmer stock , it shows.

Jan Oscar Hansen 


Aroma of hazelnuts, boiling water blending 

Black granules, Splenda and two tablespoons

Cocoa, caffeine my solace after waking before

Dawn. I stir slowly and inhale, almost hypnotic,

Energy of the circling spoon I feel in my body.

Fragments of dreams I try remembering, the

Glimpsed given hefts and rhythms, pages

Hosting my insights of the mind’s sleep behaviors.

I’ve been picturing dreams like a predawn ritual,

Jotting, sipping every now and then. I’ve been

Keeping descriptions of dreamscapes, and

Lines seem sharper with bitterness touching

My tongue, heat in my stomach soothing.

Noesis is a blooming violet to the next cup,

Online with the day’s news like watching

Passages of sunrise, lights from my iPad

Quaint as shifting hues of blue filling my

Room as curtains slowly glow white.

Solitude wears many shades. I look for

The human drama in the news, for the

Understated in human interest stories.

Vision becomes acute with caffeine.

Wonder like a gleam from the third cup. I

Experience the vicarious moment, feel the

Yearn like the sun that has lighted the sky,

Zests of knowing I share everyone’s story 

Jonel Abellanosa

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