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Featured Poem of the Month
Ann Howells, well known Texas poet talks with Better than Starbucks about her style, and motivation, as well as sharing a poem from her newest collection.

Working Class God


When I'm done I will meet the god I have created

My working class God in jeans and a Dire Straits tour T-shirt

He will not look down at me from on high

he doesn't even like heights

We'll share a cold Dr. Pepper, his favorite,

and because he's a good God he'll grant me my last earthly wish

to sing like Smokey Robinson

We'll replay my life and he'll nudge me a couple times and say,

what were you thinking, but he winks at the good parts too

There will be no final judgment because the concept of final has disappeared

Instead there's a touch football game where the winners go on

and the losers have to stay and play the next team

God springs for pizza and we watch Woody Allen movies, the old funny ones

Late in the evening we talk quietly around a fire

He takes no credit for creating a perfect world

and casts no blame for how it got screwed up

I watch him and sometimes I see a tired look in his eye

Then he catches me looking and pretends to throw lightning bolts

we laugh, he touches me on the head

and it's perfect

Jerry Warmuskerken is a writer of fiction and poetry  and lives in Palm City, Florida. Jerry shares one of my all time favorite poems.

BTS: How did you came to be a poet?

     I wrote poems in college (everyone writes poems in college), then became wrapped up in the business of everyday life. I painted, even taught oil painting, but as I began to have stiffness in my hands, I turned more and more to poetry. Also, my daughter developed cancer. I wrote my way through that. It was a means of dealing with my emotions. After she was in remission, I continued writing and became more serious about it.

Ann Howells, the BTS Interview (continued)

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