Our nominations for the Pushcart Prize 2017:



          Stories of My Father’s Absence by Cynthia Grady in February 2017 Vol I No II

          Dancing in the Kitchen by Jill Sharon Kimmelman in October 2017 Vol I No X

         Polaroid of a Lady by Richard Wakefield in April 2017 Formal & Rhyming Poetry Vol I No V

        Giraffe by Nikolai Gumilev translated by Don Mager in July 2017 Poetry Translations Vol I No VII

        Reed on the Rivers by Ayo Oyeku in August 2017 International Poetry Vol I No VII




          Public Service by Mark Connelly in September 2017 Fiction Vol I No IX

Our nominations for Best of the Net 2017:



          Grease Poet by Richard King Perkins II in November 2016 Vol I No V


          The Swimming Pool by Tabitha Vohn in December 2016 Vol I No VI


          I'll Wait by DE Navarro  in January 2017 Vol II No I


          Falling for the Invisible Woman by Jim Zola in March 2017 Vol II No III


          Walk by Stephen Mead  in June 2017 Vol II No VI


          Killing a Coho by John Beaton in June 2017 Vol II No VI


          The Garters by Michael D. Durkota  in December 2016 Vol I No VI


          Venus in all Four Corners by Tobi Alfier in March 2017 Vol II No III

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