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October's Rant Brought to You by Matthew... or Not

I have scrambled, with the help of my great new staff to get an issue out on time. I have been through nearly a dozen hurricanes. Some, you go remove a couple of palm fronds from your yard and go to work the next day or the day after, some, your neighborhood gets flattened, and often somewhere in between you go days or weeks without electricity, gas or local groceries.

So, after compiling everybody else's work, and inserting the Haiku Page and the Formal and Rhyming Poetry Page, and doing the interview with the amazing Tobi Alfier, I haven't had time or energy to write a piece for here. I am not willing to hold up the rest of the "paper" for my one page. I may or may not come back and write a fresh one or this may the month that wasn't for me.

Either way, I hope you enjoy the changes and additions! Sadly , one of the changes, at least for now, is we are without funding to pay writers (or anybody else). Until that changes, all we have is a sincere appreciation for your willingness to be part of our literary effort.

The other change is that staff has persuaded me that everybody should get a rejection. I am still not sure why a 60 day expiration isn't the way to go, but as it was pointed out to me, I am weird.

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