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by Dorothy Parker  ( PR interview)
I shall come back without fanfaronade
of wailing wind and graveyard panoply;
but, trembling, slip from cool Eternity —
a mild and most bewildered little shade.
I shall not make sepulchral midnight raid,
but softly come where I had longed to be
in April twilight's unsung melody,
and I, not you, shall be the one afraid.
Strange, that from lovely dreamings of the dead
I shall come back to you, who hurt me most.
You may not feel my hand upon your head,
I'll be so new and inexpert a ghost.
Perhaps you will not know that I am near —
and that will break my ghostly heart, my dear.

(Sadly, due wholly, I am sure to the fact that she is fully and completely dead, Dorthy Parker's BTS Interview has been delayed until further notice -pub.)

Instead, please click on the link below

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Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo works at the Department of Humanities of the University of the Philippines Los Baños.

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