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How to Submit


email only to:

"Featured Poem of the Month and it will pay a grand sum of $15.00. There will be other poems, usually one or two that are also paid. These poor souls will receive $5.00-$10.00 for the use of their poem here.

ACTUALLY, due to a temporary lack of funding, we will not be able to pay for poetry or fiction until further notice.


We do not keep copyright on any work by anyone in this publication. The exception being work published by the publisher, including interviews.

Submit your poem or story in the body of your email.
If you want to add it as a word or pdf you may, but unless the submission is in the body of the email, it will not be considered for publication. Along with your work of art, short story or poem, please send your return address and the name you would like listed for the work and the name you want to check made out to, if different from your creative name.
We DO accept previously published work.
If previously published, make sure you have the rights to it. Most places do not keep the rights to poetry.
We do not, we retain the right to use them in anthologies or promotional material as we see fit in the future, but we do not retain any copyright to your work.
Do tell us where it was previously published so we can credit them. If you self publish it or post it to an open group, we do not consider that published, so no mention need be made.
We do send rejections, (though I find it completely pointless, apparently some poets enjoy being told "No")
If we are going to publish,we will let you know and then we will send a notification of publication.

We pay a pittance for up to three poems each issue. We pay another pittance for a short story.

ACTUALLY, due to a temporary lack of funding, we will not be able to pay for poetry or fiction until further notice.

If you have submitted work, and it has not been published within 60 days, feel free to send a followup note.

Submit up to three poems, one short story or image.  Submit no more often than once every three months. (If you are submitting Haiku or other extremely short poems, you may send a half dozen as our Haiku page editor sometimes publishes a block of them together.)


If we like it, we will publish it. If you are a Nobel laureate and we dont like it, we wont.

The subject matter is up to you.


We rarely publish long  poems (over 50 lines), we do, but rarely. We publish mostly free verse in our main poetry page. We have a soft spot for limericks (and haiku, speaking of short poems). In fact, we have a soft spot for short poems. We will publish somewhat longer pieces on occasion, but nearly always under 200 words.

We will publish any good short story, that we like. Best if it is between 900 - 1200 words. 


In both the poems and the short story, we arent prudes, but we arent looking for gratuitous sex, violence of crude language. We will accept any of these things if we feel they are important to the story. We will not publish anything that we think can be construed as hateful.


That does not mean you cant tell the story of a terrible event, murder rape, beatings or whatever, but make sure you are not glorifying the evil. We love a good story. We love a great poem. Just make sure you dont give us a reason to not like it.

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