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We are not, as the Beatles put it, a registered charity, but we are hardly a for-profit concern, either. We are basically a shoestring operation. I do not really expect much in the way of donations, but if you would like to help, we will accept.


Even a $5, $10, $25 or more, one time donation to pay for poetry or a short story helps, or you may endow a prize for poetry  or fiction on an ongoing basis. An endowed prize would mean you direct the qualifications and the naming of the prize.


Whatever you give, if you give, will not go in my pocket, but will go to fund paying creative contributors.



Pick a Category



Short Story

The Interview

Katherine Michaels Fund for Literature

(General funds for underwriting the site, named for our first donor)


Select a Prize. Tell us how much you want to fnd it, how much you  want to pay out for each winner. Once per year, once per issue. What do you want for the parameters? What do you want to call it? (and yes, you can name it after yourself)

We will be adding a link to our PayPal account as so as we get it set up.

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