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From the Mad Mind 

                                   of Anthony Watkins

In honor of the Sonnet Contest this month, for which we had nearly 600 entries, I am sharing the only sonnets I have ever written. I hope you enjoy them.

The Sonnets of Pork and Cheese


Mrs. Browning


my first love, as a poet, at least a small

bookstore edition with black-shaped

block-printed images a gift to

my teenaged self from a now dead mother

who neither knew or understood but

only feared my words Elizabeth

charmed me and made me dream of

being a poet, being a romantic

but most of all, she made me dream: of

simply being as she had been


There Must Be Two


If they are to be called The Sonnets

and what of the pork, not pig and

cheese, a derivative of barbarism

yet the height of both the culture

of milk and the culture of food?

My-Dearest-Elizabeth I fear you

would not find me to be the kind

of poet who compared your eyes to

roses your mouth to the ocean,

your hair to the golden clouds I

write of pork and cheese

And trucks and tomatoes



     Anthony Watkins

Pen America
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